Getting Over the Hump

Maybe it's day light savings time, maybe its almost a certain time of the month coming up, or maybe its just me being my all over the place self, but I am glad today is hump day and its one day closer to Friday. Because so far this week...

  1. I've been testy with people. Dear Self: Stop it, Right Now.
  2. Had a lack of motivation at work. And trust me, the work load has not lessened.
  3. Made mistakes at work. I'm definitely not perfect, but I f'd up a document yesterday and emailed it our Board of Directors. #fail
  4. Gone to work with barely any makeup on, rough looking second day hair and wearing leggings. With just a long shirt and oversized sweater. And sandals. And no, my office I not casual. #rebel.
  5. Put on my shorts from last summer and had trouble buttoning them. And still not didn't stick to the diet I said I would this week. #justsad

But it isn't all bad. This week, some good/productive things have happened.

  1. J and I have decided to start insanity next week, drink less, and eat healthier. The buddy system will probably help us stay on track. The fact I am going to be a bridesmaid in front of 175 people at brother's wedding in September is also a huge motivator.
  2. I found three cute dresses at Ross for under forty dollars. And I am not usually a bargain shopper, since being tall and a size 16 means discount stores usually have nothing that will fit me. So finding three dresses I actually liked on the cheap made me happy happy happy.
  3. Moved some things around in my walk-in closet and created extra storage space. #ocdwins
  4. Got my spending back in control. February I got my tax refund and started spending like I won the mega millions. I'm too embarrassed to say how much I spent shopping, eating out and bar hopping--- but lets just say, I'm eating in a lot this month and refraining from spending a lot.
  5. And I got a login for Showtime Anytime on my Roku and now catching up on season 3 and 4 of Shameless.

Ok, my slacker self needs to get back to work and play catch up.

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  1. I hate it when I make mistakes like that at work! Obviously we cannot ever be totally perfect, but still it sucks. Good luck with Insanity. My older sister has done it like 3x and I can't even do it once. MJ tried and couldn't quite get with it. I love getting lucky at Ross.