Thursday Thoughts

Hey y'all! I hope everyone is winding down on their Christmas shopping and moving towards the Christmas parties and family traditions in this last week before Christmas.

This past week I've been sick and am headed to the doctor this morning to get some stronger meds. The over the counter stuff simply isn't doing the trick.

Last night I went to print my boarding pass for my flight to Maryland this afternoon, and discovered I got my dates confused. I'm actually flying out tomorrow, Friday. It's a blessing in disguise, because I would rather not be sick and flying- and I also now have an extra day to pack and get some errands done.

And in none Christmas news, it occurred to my friends and I earlier this week that we should probably start looking for something to do on New Years Eve. There are lots of great parties downtown and we decided on an all inclusive one being thrown at the posh W Hotel downtown. And then found out it was sold out. Whomp whomp. But an fabulous guy friend of mine had some connections, and was able to score tickets for me, himself, and two of my girlfriends yesterday. I'm pretty excited, as this is one of the top parties thrown each year. I'm looking forward to getting decked out and ringing in the New Year in high style. I plan on looking for the perfect party dress and shoes while in Maryland.

In other news, I started and finished my all of Christmas shopping today. And did it all on Amazon, who is shipping everything to my parents house. I love love Amazon. I picked out some fun and unique gifts for my family and can't wait for them to open them on Christmas morning. I still need to wrap, but will do that this weekend.

Speaking of Christmas, if you are looking for a space saving way to store your wreaths, look no further than The Container Store. They have wreath storage starting at ten dollars, in stackable square plastic bins which are much more space saving than the bulky wreath shaped ones I have used in the past. On the left is what I previously used, now donated to Goodwill. It never stayed shut and was awkward to store. The one on the right is what I'm going to use moving forward. I picked up three for my seasonal wreaths and love they can be staked on top of one another.

And before I sign off for today, if you are looking for a show on Netflix to binge on over the holiday, look no further than Peaky Blinders. I discovered the show on Monday and sadly finished Season Two last night. It is about an Irish gangster family set in 1919 Birmingham, England. Their super hot boss Tommy Shelby is brilliant and Tom Hardy is witty and funny as the Jewish gang leader. Disclosure: it can be violent at times, but I fast forward through those parts. I really enjoy the drama mixed with British wit- and how it all plays out over the family dynamic. It also has a great sound track.  I am now impatiently waiting for Season Three, just so I can watch this handsome fellow again. Irish boys do something for me y'all. I'm a sucker for blue yes.

 I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging over the next week, but I'm sure there will be updates on my Instagram. If I don't pop in to say hello, have a wonderful Christmas Holiday with family and friends.

Goodbye Grinch

Over the weekend, and then yesterday on my lunch break, I treated myself to some new clothes. It's not exactly in my budget this month, with Christmas and all, but I decided to just go for it. I got a couple new outfits, some accessories, and even some new lingerie (fancy word for new undergarments- cause I am so not a sexy lingerie type girl). I am usually really pretty good about sticking to my budget, but I've been in a funk and buying some cute new clothes, a couple pairs of shoes, and some fun jewelry just made me feel great.

And the timing was perfect, because on Friday night I met some friends for drinks before a comedy show and my ex happened to be there. I probably would not have noticed him, but before I even walked into the bar, several of my friends text me to warn me. Like it was some kind of weather emergency. Um, sweet friends, I broke up with him. I had a couple of drinks  and didn't even see him until I was walking to the bar. He was standing there with a couple of people, but I just opted to just keep walking and not say anything. Our last encounter went down like this, so I felt like false smiles and small talk were pointless. It was nice, however, to feel and look great. I was in a new outfit head to toe and feeling feirce.

I thought that was the end of it, but oh no, Mr. Loud Yankee couldn't just take a hint. So as I was leaving the bar about ten minutes later, I hear something along the lines of, "What Kelly you can't say hello to me. Did you not see me?". And as I turned, there he was sitting at the bar fee. So, y'all, I turned and gave a big smile and sweetly said "No, I saw you, but I was ignoring you", and then turned and walked out of the bar. Kelly:1 Obnoxious Ex: 0.

I can't explain it exactly, but in that moment I felt like I snapped out of the funk I've been in. I looked great, handled an awkward situation with someone the best way I could, and felt like I could now take on the world.

The rest of the night was a blast, we saw a great comedy show, and then afterwards went to another bar and danced most of the night away to a cover band. A large group of us were able to make it out that night and it was so much fun to have a little holiday fun before we all head home for the holidays.

I felt like Friday night was the kick off to all of the holiday parties and fun coming up the next week. I fly home Thursday and have a full schedule of stuff planned with family and friends. My family finally figured out what was going and it's nice to have a plan. Lots of holiday house parties, cooking baking, and spending time with loved ones. I can't wait.

And cheers to my holiday funk being a thing of the past.

Bedroom Tour

Yesterday I shared photos of my apartment decorated for Christmas.

Today I wanted to share photos of my bedroom. 

My bedroom is decorated with neutrals and also a few pops of color. This is the view when you walk in.

And below is the opposite wall with my dresser. The basket to the left is what I put the decorative pillows from my bed in at night, to appease my OCD.

This large mirror was a steal I picked up for $29 at Home Goods.

Another shot of the bed.

I framed this peacock print and it goes well with my lamp.

And the opposite side of the bed.

I hope you've enjoyed touring my home.