Friday, April 18, 2014

Grump a Lump

This has not been an optimum week for me. I've had trouble sleeping, battling a slight cold, and for the most part been grumpy. Yuck.

This morning I had an unpleasant phone conversation with a family member. Which pretty much cured any and all homesickness I've been feeling for Maryland of late. Thankfully I was able to call my sister and vent afterwards. When you live a 1800 miles from your family, there are times when it can be trying. However, a bad phone conversation suddenly makes the sky look a little brighter here and I was reminded why I left Maryland.

A few times this week the ex text me. I tired to keep it nice, but then he informed me that I must miss him--- ugh. I'm not sure exactly why he thinks this, considering I broke up with him. When it's over, it's over. I was two shakes of a lambs tell of being blunt and telling him I've actually enjoyed all the extra time to myself the last two weeks, but instead just ended the conversation politely.

One symptom of me being grumpy means political stuff, current affairs, and opinionated Facebook Posts, which I can normally read and just move on from, upset me more. Deep breaths, Kelly, deep breaths. Remember there are more important things to be grumpy about.

For instance, I can still be irritated about a bad pedicure I got last weekend. I don't know about you ladies, but a bad pedicure experience is the worst. Long and short a small chunk of my heel was taken out and I haven't been able to work out all week or walk comfortably as a result. It's finally starting to feel better today and I'm hoping by Sunday I can start working out again, since its part of the Weight Watchers program.

And the ever ugly envy has reentered my life. And boy, am I struggling with this of late. It seems like everyone is getting married, having babies, and buying houses. The holidays are particularly hard to be a spectactor, since everyone reiterates how blessed they are and shows off their "perfect lives" via professional photo dumps. Must be nice when life works out so perfectly. Of course, I really have things to be grateful for, but that hasn't stopped me from feeling pretty darn sorry for myself all week.

And when I'm grumpy, I judge. Everyone and everything. So I've been avoiding friends this week. No reason to take my bad mood out on them. Sometimes I'm really amazed at how petty I can be inside my head. Just keeping it real here people.

But despite all of the above, I know its not all bad. This week there was small, but nevertheless positive things going on.

I reacquainted myself with Pinterest and spending lots of time pinning Weight Watcher recipes to take my mind off things.

Stuck to watching lots of BBC and Masterpiece Jane Austen movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. British period movies are my comfort zone.

I've been sticking to Weight Watchers, even though I really wanted to drink a bottle of wine and order a pizza last night instead. The struggle is real everyday, but I've decided I'm tired of being fat.

Knowing that ending things with James was the right decision. Even if being single sucks.

That I have a wine tour tomorrow in Fredericksburg with my girlfriends look forward to.

That I'll be in Mexico staying in a fabulous villa with friends in two weeks.

And that I bought a really cool new camera yesterday-- and that after coupons, reward points, and extra 10% discount the sales guy gave to me--- I only paid $5.33 out of pocket for it. I plan on testing it out this weekend during our wine tour.

Anyways thats my Friday. Wish I could be more peppy, but today it's just all grump.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Book Lovers Dilemma

While we haven't had anything crazy like snow here in Texas, its still unseasonably cool and rainy. Which makes me want to stay home everyday and watch movies or read under a blanket.

This morning I was adding e-books to my kindle wish list when I got a little nostalgic about hard copy books. My only regret about down sizing before moving to Texas, is that I sold 90% of all my books at a yard sale. It was too pricey to pack and ship, and if I am being totally honest, I needed every last dime from that yard sale to fund my move. All total, I sold about 200 books. For about $100 dollars. Ouch, that hurts to write.

And I miss them. I miss seeing them on shelves and displayed around my home. I miss being able to grab a book and lend it a friend when they ask for a book recommendation. I miss being able to pick up a copy of one of my favorite reads and reread it over and over again when I am in a funky mood And I kick myself for selling series like the Harry Potter books, which I should have kept to read to my non-existent, but hopefully future, kiddos.

When I worked in DC, the now defunk Borders Books was just two blocks away from office. At least once a week I would pop in and spend a wonderful hour perusing the bookshelves and finding new pages to read. I loved being around other readers in the store, commonly bonded by the love of the written word. I would usually pick up one or two and devour them over the weekend. The nice thing about a bookstore, is you tend to check out books you may normally overlook online. The covers of the books would entice me and I would branch out of my normal genres. 

Sadly, I am not even sure I know where a real bookstore is here in Austin.

That being said, I do love my kindle and amazon for acquiring ebooks. Kindles are so darn convenient and space saving. Especially when packing or traveling. Its great to have one small item to pack instead of a stack of books. 

But on rainy mornings like this one, the comfort of a physical book is missed.

This morning I looked at the price of the real book versus the e-book online today.  For the most part the softcover versions of e-books are really only a couple dollars more, when they first come out. Of course, older books are much cheaper in the e-book version. I have to admit, I was so tempted this morning to order a few hard copy books, even though I really have no room for them in my small apartment.

However, recently a friend told me I can borrow e-books from the library for free. And sure enough, as I searched the Austin Public Library's database, all the books on my wishlist where there for free borrowing.

And so this book worm is torn. Growing up, my mother was (and still is) a big reader. She passed on her love of reading to me. And my parent's bedroom has floor to ceiling bookshelves, crammed with the written word. I always dreamed of a reading room one day filled with adventures, romance, and classics.

However, budget wise, free book borrowing makes the most sense. And truthfully, only about 45% of the e-books I buy, I would describe as "bookshelf worthy" or "read it again".

So, what to do. I think for now, I must go the free borrowing route. I must remember things are just things. I think once I have met my financial goals for the year, I can revisit my budget and see if hard copy books can be worked back in. I also need to see where all the bookstores are in Austin.

So readers--- how to get your books? E-books, hard copy, or library? Does anyone else feel my pain?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guest Blogging Today

Hey y'all! One of my favorite bloggers, April at The Striped Flamingo, tied the knot over the weekend. She asked me to do a guest post on her blog while she is honeymooning it up.

So hop on over to April's blog and check out my guest post.