Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'm not even sure where the weekend went, I feel like it just zoomed right by me.

Friday night I met up with two girlfriends to see Best of Me at Alamo Drafthouse. I love that I can order a pot of earl gray tea and a plate of warm cookies there. It was the perfect paring for a girls movie night. I also indulged in a flute of champagne while I was waiting for my friends. It's the little things y'all.

The movie itself was everything I expected from a Nicholas Sparks movie. Romance, turmoil, a passionate kiss on a dock, and then tears at the end. I'm so over remakes and comic book movies, so I was just happy to have a romantic movie to go see. I'd give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Saturday I woke up from what felt like a very long sleep. I thought for sure it was close to noon, because my room was so bright. Then I looked at my phone and it was 8:50. Whomp Whomp. I got up, made some coffee and then found White Christmas on Netflix-- one of my favorite holiday movies. The fact that it is not even Halloween was neither here nor there. White Christmas always puts me in a good mood.

And while I know fall has been declared the OMG most favorite season of all time on Pinterest, I actually love the holiday season that begins the day after Thanksgiving and goes all the way to New Years Day. My house always feels warmer and cozier after I put up my tree and decorate for Christmas. I love curling up on my sofa, the lights from my tree sparkling in my living room and watching holiday movies with a cup of tea in hand. Add in lots of holiday parties, the stores decorated and jolly, the fun of buying gifts for my loved ones, and Christmas music on the radio-- and well it's pure perfection.

After the movie, my friend (who happens to live in the same apartment complex as me) came over for some coffee, and we sat on the balcony enjoying the beautiful weather and had some girl talk. We then headed over to another friend's house to watch college football. Overall Saturday was a pretty uneventful football day.  I'm glad my Tigers won, but the game was a blowout. The UT/Iowa State and the Notre Dame/Florida State games had some exciting final seconds, but that was it. That being said, I am so looking forward to this upcoming weekend of football. Some friends and I are driving to Baton Rouge for Homecoming/The Magnolia Bowl at LSU. I am saying a few extra prayers that we upset undefeated Ole Miss. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I got up early, but felt out of it all day. I had a ton of laundry to do, cleaning, meal prep for the week, and had put off studying for one of my grad school classes till the last minute. So logically I choose to do none of the above in the morning and instead decided to tackle this wall in my living room, which has been a decorating challenge. I got it taped out for a wall collage and will share more tomorrow on the progress.

I then ran a few errands, came home, studied for 3 hours (which was the last thing I felt like doing) and the next thing I knew, it was almost 8pm.

Then I discovered my iPhone was dead because my wall charger had broke. And since my phone is also my alarm, I had to throw back on non-pajamas and drive to Walmart for a new charger. I was not a happy camper. I then came home, meal prepped, did laundry, tidied my house and took a shower. By then it was almost eleven and I was in that weird wired/exhausted state of mind. So I turned on some reruns of Downton Abbey (which I never seem to tire of watching) and just relaxed for an hour before hitting the sack.

This morning, not surprisingly, I had trouble getting out of bed. I barely had time for coffee before it was time to get ready for work. The plan for today is getting some projects done at work, a lunch break at Hobby Lobby (where I hopefully find some additions to my wall project), and then boot camp after work. While I was up late last night getting ready for the week, I am so glad my meals are done, it makes sticking to my new fitness/eating right routine easier.

Have a good one everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2014

That Time I Went to Oklahoma City

I had something random happen this week. A guy I dated when I first moved to Texas text me. I didn't have the number stored in my phone and it took a minute to remember who he was and how I knew him. Long and short he asked me out. I was hesitant for two reasons. First, he lives three hours away now. And second, well that derves some explanation.

So here's the story of that time I went to Oklahoma City for the World Quarter Horse Show, with a guy I was dating and his friends. And how keeping company with his neuvo rich redneck ranch friends was the most embarrassing 72 hours of my life.

To begin, they called me the "Yankee Doe" all freaking weekend long. Yes, "Yankee Doe". As in a Northern Female Deer.

Context: One of the "perks" of being from the state of Maryland, is that neither the North or South likes to claim my home state. If you ask my Dad's family in New York, they'll tell you Maryland is Southern State. My friends from the deep south call it a Yankee State.

During the Civil War, Maryland played a big geographical role: several key battles were fought in the state, our waterways were crucial for getting supplies South, and our borders sat next to both Virgina and Pennsylvania. It was a state divided with both Rebel and Union sympathizers. I'm from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which was heavily dependent on tobacco trade, and as you might guess, supported the Confederacy.

Geographically, it's a state divided by the Mason-Dixon Line- which incidentally I grew up below- in an area where people would get pretty offended, even today, if you called them Yankees; while holding their guns, bibles, and rebel flags.

But perhaps, it would be easier if I turn to a pretty strong authority on the South: Garden and Gun Magazine.  See exhibit A below and look at #7 (Maryland). We may be the "bastard" state, but we are in the South. On a side note: I love this print and have it hung in my office.

Now trying to explain any of this to those imbeciles would have been pointless. So I just shut up and tried to be cool about it. But all weekend long they were loud and obnoxious. Everywhere we went to eat, I wanted to crawl under the table because they were so rude to the waitstaff. The only time they really shut up was when we were in the actual arena, and I suspect that was because their horses were competing and there was a lot of money at stake.  At one point I looked up flights back to Austin, but they were outrageously priced and I decided to just stick it out.

And on last night we were there, I could no longer be cordial and turned to jack and diet cokes to self medicate myself from their obnoxiousness company. I then expreienced a (literal) freak earthquake while sitting at the hotel bar. I remember thinking that was it. I had had enough weirdness to last me one weekend.

Now what conspired next is a little fuzzy, but I do remember finally telling his friends what this "Yankee Doe" thought of them. And then promptly went to my room and passed out. I woke up the next day with a headache and a very awkward 7 hour drive back to Texas. Needless to say, dude and I decided we didn't have a ton in common and we should stop dating.

That being said, my guy was really nice, but I do think you can judge people by the company the keep. And he gets an F. So while I am definitely in the need of male companionship, I don't see the point of going backwards and going out with him again.

The end.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and am feeling rather fiesty. In no particular order, this is what is on my sassy mind.

1. Yesterday I got two save the date emails for holiday parties, in December. Good grief. December always seems to fill up so fast and before you know it's over. So logically I did a save the date for my holiday party, for people to pencil in their calendars. And then received a text this morning from someone about those invited/not invited to the event. How thoughtful. It's not like I didn't give the guest list some thought or anything. Or that it's being held in my home. But thanks for letting me know your thoughts on the people I surround myself with. Would you like to lick the spoon of the pot you attempted to stir as well? Just saying.

2. "I extended the olive branch and you poked me in the eye with it".  This pretty much happened to me this week. And it took every last ounce of self control I had to not articulate my frustration via email or text message. Instead, I will just tuck this incident in the back of my head, smile when I run into the person in future encounters, and just whisper in my head bless your little heart.

3. I'm done with doctors for a while. The breaking point was being made to feel like an idiot at the specialist last week, who didn't even exam me, and after a few vague questions and a hefty co-pay, sent me on my merry way. And I have continued to have some female issues. I then talked to a Nurse Practitioner I know, who said that while I was not taking the placebo pills correctly, how my body reacted was not normal and the specialist should have flagged that and run some tests. So last night I threw out three prescription bottles of chemicals my doctor put me on to help with my so called anxiety (aka I think you are being a hypochondriac) as well as my birth control pills. I'm done with non-holistic medicine. I'm giving my body a break and going to see if it will naturally get back into sync. This summer has been a series of doctors appointments with no real diagnostic or answers, except from lab work showing I was anemic- for which they gave me no real advice on how to mend. All these hormones are making me an emotional mess. I've had enough. I am going to start looking for a new primary care and female doctor at some point, but for now, I just can't take another doctor visit.

4. Today is bosses day apparently. But isn't every day bosses day? Am I really expected to get my boss a gift for, well, being my boss? Um, no. Some "holiday's" baffle me. Fortunately my boss and I are on the same page on this. My boss tried to pawn off a donut he received with a card this morning from someone else and it took every ounce of self-control to not grab it and chow down. The problem wasn't just one donut, its that I would have wanted three more after that. So I ate chicken and broccoli instead.

5.  And finally, lets all take a deep breath and remember, Fantasy Football is not real.

Final note: the irony that I wrote a post about being positive yesterday did not escape me. I also suspect that going off a bunch of chemicals has thrown me into full PMS mode today. Godspeed.