427 Posts

Three years and 427 posts later, it's time to say goodbye.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and for all of your wonderful comments. If you want to stay in touch, you can find me on Instagram at @atxkelly81.

- Kelly


I've been thinking a lot lately about this blog and just blogging in general.

A few years ago I read almost a 100 blogs. Blogging had increased in popularity and there were tons of new blogs popping up. I was fortunate enough to make some friends through blogging, several of whom I ended up meeting in person.

But lately I just don't have anything note worthy to share, and in a major shift, am becoming more guarded about what I want to share on the internet about my personal life. When I read some of my earlier posts, I feel compelled to hit delete and remove the content, as I am embarrassed about what I have [over] shared.

Last year I took a hiatus from blogging. And then came back. But once again, I feel like my blogging days may be over.

I also am down to about 15 blogs that I read. And a lot of my favorite bloggers have stopped blogging for various reasons, which I understand. Life gets busy, not everything needs to be online, there can be pressure on content, etc and so forth.

On a side note, some of this I attribute to Instagram. I prefer the photo driven content of Instagram, with captions. Instagram has a micro-type blog feel, which allows a user to share a tidbit without a long post.

So bloggy friends and readers-- what are your thoughts? Is blogging still a passion? Do you have blogs that you look forward to reading every day?

So this blog may go offline soon. I probably won't make a big fuss about  it. I've already taken my blog link off my Instagram.

I'm sure life will go on no problem :-).