Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wake Up Call

Quick Recap. Over a year ago I busted my butt, lost about 25 pounds, was feeling great-- and then dropped the ball.

Fast forward to this summer. I had muffin top with pretty much every pair of shorts I had bought the previous summer. I was stock piling spanks again and finding myself tired all the time. Not just tired, but feeling unhealthy. Some photos that appeared on Facebook from a slip and slide party made me want to crawl under a rock and die.

And I kept feeling more tired and less social. I was in and out of the doctors. My, ahem, female cycle was beyond out of whack, I had chronic fatigue, and I was feeling sad and depressed. I found myself avoiding photos again and eating out of comfort and not hunger.

But the final straw was when I was dancing at my brother's wedding and had to stop because I was out of breath. I initially blamed it on my chest inflammation, but I know it also had to do with the fact I am overweight, my BMI is way too high, and I don't eat good.

I got on the scale at the caridologist last week and pretty much was shocked at the number. I'm just gonna put it out there-- it was over 2-6-0. I almost cried. What was worse, the cardiologist didn't think I had any heart conditions (praise the lord), but he did say that he thought many of my issues could be reduced with some much needed weight loss. My BMI is way too high and my waist too large. His advice (the same advice my other doctor had given me back in March) cut out bad carbs, processed and fast foods, eat more veggies, and get some exercise.

Now some people disagree about BMI, and I'm not here to debate it.  But the same week I got the "you need to lose some weight speech from my doctor", we had a presentation at our board meeting from one of the most respected physicians in the country. She talked about BMI and the difference in belly fat and regular fat. Did you know belly fat is brown y'all? How gross is that? She also talked about the risks associated with being just a point or two higher in your BMI. The risk of pre-diabetes, increased risk of infertility, and the rising costs of medical expenses (see above- because I pretty much went broke on co-pays and deductibles this summer) all because of being overweight.

And there was me, one of the only two overweight people in the room, absorbing this presentation. And what was even more of a wakeup call, was that the good doctor stated that in order to reduce your risk of pre-diabetes, if your bmi is high, is that you would have to walk at 4.0-4.5 for an hour a day-- just to reduce the risk. An hour y'all. So much for the ol' 30 minutes a day rule.

Needless to say last week got my attention.

And my sweet sister was in town that week and we talked about how she eats and stays fit. I am blessed that both my sisters and brother have always been so supportive of me when it comes to weight loss. They are healthy, fit people, and have never made me feel bad about my weight. Instead, they offer non-judgmental advice and just encourage me to get healthy for me.

Anyways, the talk we had about me getting healthy was not rocket science-- she eats small portions and healthy foods-- I on the other hand eat comfort food and mamouth size portions. I eat more fast food than I think I do (easily identified by my online bank statement and debit card purchases). She is physical and I lay on the couch and watch netflix for hours on end.

Why my younger sister chooses to eat good and stay fit-- she loves fashion and clothes, while I can only shop at a handful of stores and usually am stuffing myself into spanks before putting anything on. Why my brother is healthy and fit-- he loves water and snow sports. It occurs to me that I have not been been able to waterski for about three years, because I've been so overweight. And that during my last trip to Colorado, I was so out of shape I had to forgo the skis and go toobing y'all. Low point. And why my other sister eats good and works to stay fit-- dating. Because lets be real, we live in a world where single men will judge you on the outside first. In fact, you may have seen the video that went viral last week about a girl who put on a fat suit from Tender, and how the men reacted. While there are other factors, there is no doubt in my mind that my weight definitely puts me at a disadvantage with dating.

And so my sister and I figured out there was 13 weeks till Christmas. And she suggested I set a goal. And so I have one. A sensible 2 pounds a week until then. Eating healthy and exercising until I go home for Christmas. Meal planning and portion control. Cutting out alcohol and keeping my wine intake to a minimum. There is nothing groundbreaking here -- but honestly-- being healthy is a not rocket science, but it is a choice.

And so today I started. The scale said 255.3 this morning. I packed my lunch and brought my water bottle. I will be walking tonight. And as I munch on my grapes here at my desk, I think for the first time in a long time, I'm feeling good about where I am and where I am going. The summer of 2014 was not great, but the fall of 2014 is looking up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's Been Going On

Hey y'all! I'm back from vaca and having a very busy week, but here's whats been/is going on.

1. My trip back to Maryland last week was wonderful and my brother's wedding was beautiful. It was great to see family and friends, eat lots of blue crabs, experience fall weather, and watch my brother become a husband and stepfather. I also finally got a decent photo of me and my siblings. Small victories!

2. But it was also great to get back to Texas. Texas is home. I've been slowly decorating for fall, mainly because it's still summer weather here and just doesn't feel like pumpkin and boots weather yet. I did pick up a cute ceramic pumpkin from hobby lobby and I have a bin full of decorations to pull out, so I'll get there eventually.

3. My little sister is in town and will be here till Friday. It's always nice to have family visit.

4. I've gotten my groove with school and loving my grad classes, but shew dog- still crazy busy. My Friday evenings and Saturday nights are pretty much spent studying and writing papers. But I'm learning a lot and glad I'm going for my grad degree.

5. Dating. Non-existent. No time. As far as the online dating sites, I'm still on there, but not really active.

6. Update on my health: stress and a heart sonogram scheduled for late October (precautionary). Follow up visit with my cardiologist will follow. I will say my chest has not been hurting as much, so I think the inflammation is finally going down.

7. Health. The heart thing scared me. And when I got on the scale after the wedding, I saw a very big number. My summer clothes are ridik tight. So as the weather is slowly cooling off, exercise and just eating more fruits and veggies-- and less crap is a priority. I'd like to be healthier and think I owe it to myself and body to treat it better.

8. I paid off my two credit cards last week. Felt amazing. And I closed my gap card visa. No more store credit cards. If I want clothes, I'm paying cash/debit. The points and rewards are just not worth it. I can find coupons and sales if I just take the time to do so. Plus, the reason why I think I need new clothes is because a lot of my closet doesn't fit. Well.... I can fix that with a little diet changes and more exercises.

9. Girls weekend/my birthday. I'm not a big celebrate me me me when my birthday comes around... but I will use it as an excuse to take a girls weekend. For my birthday in November, I've rented a house for my girlfriends to enjoy some nature and peace on a lake in the mountains out of state. Can't wait!

10.  Blogging. A couple times a year, life gets busy and blogging takes the back burner. This is one of those times. School and work are keeping me busy, busy, busy. So don't take me off your reader, but know my posts may be a little sporadic until the first semester is done at the end of November.

Monday, September 15, 2014

That Time I Was On GOMI

So I couldn't figure out why I had so many page views for my post on Young House Love last week. And then I saw where my referrals were coming from:

GOMI (Get Off My Internet). As a blogger, that usually means you are about to get slammed. Truth be told, I've visited the forums on the site, and sometimes they are pretty darn funny. It reminds me of STFU parents, which is another guilty pleasure.

So anyways, y'all know my grammar and spelling on this blog is never top notch.

Well all it took was to write bread instead of breed and I was instantly fair game. Honestly, the comments are pretty funny.

Go down to the post at 4:50pm and then it goes on for two pages. Someone now has a username of StrangeBread.

I decided to update my original sentence, but not without an ode to GOMI. 

Enjoy y'all. The grammar Nazis are winning.