Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Strep {Again}

About a week or so ago my throat started hurting. I knew in the back of my head I was going to get strep. I get strep at least once a year. And I've learned if I go to the doctor too soon, I will test negative for it and get sent home, only to end up back at the doctor a week later in more pain, forking over more of my single person income to the co-pay-- just to be told {spoiler alert} I now have strep.

I didn't feel like driving in traffic to my primary care doctor this morning, so I just hopped on over to the urgent care near my house and got a strep test, which tested positive.

I left 15 minutes later with a prescription for amoxicillin and ibuprofen. I popped those bad boys about a half hour ago and am already starting to feel relief. I'm also pretty darn tired, but going to try and make it through the rest of the day, because I hate using my PTO for a sick day unless I am on my death bed.
I also got the pleasure of texting new guy, C, and letting him know the little lip action that happened before saying goodnight last night may have resulted in him getting sick. How romantic.

Nevertheless we had fun last night. We swam in the pool for a couple hours and he grilled some chicken I had marinated earlier in the day. There is nothing better than a summer night swimming and grilling. We've hung out for the last three days and its been a lot of fun. We are both water babies and love swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking. So there is always something to do water related. I am definitely smitten with this guy.

Have a great day y'all.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

So my plan to stay in most of the weekend and just vegg didn't happen. Maybe when the weather cools off in oh November or December here, I'll have a down weekend. There is just so much going on this summer.

Friday night I got off work and popped into Marshalls to see if they had any cute home stuff. And I was able to score a new patio chair on clearance. It was the perfect size, color, and scale for my balcony. After Marshalls, I went to Garden Ridge and picked up a seat cushion and ottoman to with the new chair. And here they both are sitting nice and comfy in their new home. I'm debating a cushion for the ottoman, what do you think?

I also picked up some new accessories for my living room, including a cute new fish for my large ottoman. I also added some fresh flowers, which really made it look finished.

I was going to crash early on Friday night, but a friend called and invited me out for a drink and convinced me a a night cap was the right way to end the week. We checked out this really cool place, called Tigress, that specializes in bourban and whiskey cocktails. I got an old fashioned and it was delicious.

Saturday I woke up early and was ready to tackle a list of errands. Armed with an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, I got through my errands fairly quickly. This included picking up a ladder and plants from Lowes to finish my balcony project.

I am really happy with how everything turned out. It was a cloudy on Saturday, so I wasn't able to take any good shots with my non-phone camera. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates this week and I can take better quality ones to share.

Saturday afternoon I met some friends at a local festival near my house. It was a really laid back afternoon just relaxing and enjoying everyone's company.

Later in the afternoon this guy I've been talking with, I will call him C, came and met us out at festival. We really hit it off. So much so that we decided to go back to my pool and go swimming for a couple of hours. I had such a good time just talking and hanging out with him in the pool.

After swimming we decided to go two stepping at one of my favorite country bars. Two of my friends met us out and we had a good time chatting it up in between the county sets and dancing. And here is shot of me and C.

Now for whatever reason, we decided whiskey could be our best friend that night. Never a good idea. I woke up yesterday feeling awful y'all. I rallied a little by showering and going to the grocery store. I also hydrated like a champ, took a b12, and even made the pineapple cupcakes I had committed to making for a bbq that afternoon. I thought I was feeling slightly better. Enough to invite my C to my friend's bbq.

And things were going good. I was on my second liter of water and ready to chow down on all the smoked meats and delicious side salads my friends had made. I made a plate of food, ate it like a champ, and then..... my body got revenge. I finished eating and all the sudden felt like I was going to die. I starting sweating profusely and thought I was going to be sick. Long and short, we had to leave the party. Now not everyone knew I had too much fun the night before, but I was embarrassed. Mainly because I am too old to feel like that on a Sunday. And two, because I didn't want C thinking I am some sort of lush. Fortunately, he didn't mind heading out and was nice about the whole thing. I don't know how he enjoyed the same whiskey as I did the night before and felt fine. I am very envious of those privileged individuals of the population who never get hangovers.

A girlfriend suggested I pick up pedialtye to make me feel better, which I did. And it did help a little. I ended up vegging on the couch until bed time. I still felt like poo when I went to bed. How I managed to do laundry without dying is still a mystery. Even taking a shower before bed felt like a chore.

Long and short: I need more Jesus and less whiskey in my life. C goes to church, which I find very attractive. So starting Sunday, this girl has a reoccurring date at the local church.

The good news, I didn't scare off C. He is coming over tonight to swim again and grille dinner by the pool.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekly Randoms

This week has gone by rather quickly, but I suspect that is because I had off on Monday.

So get this.... Monday after I took my Mom to the airport I got a phone call from her that her flight has mechinical problems. Instead of sitting in the airport all day, we rescheduled her flight to Wednesday morning. Well yesterday morning I got up at 4:30 and took her to the airport. I went home to rest for a bit and clonked out. I woke up at 9:30am and realized I slept in, left my mobile in the car along with its alarm, and missed my weekly early morning meeting at work. Epic fail. My boss was cool about it, he was actually worried something had happened to me because I'm never late for that meeting. Still, fail.

In other news... I have a date on Saturday and I am excited! This guy I have been chatting with from a dating site invited me to go kayaking with him Saturday morning. He is a big water person, like me, and I'm really looking forward to it. The fact I have not been kayaking in over four years is neither here nor there. It has to be like riding a bike.

Speaking of the upcoming weekend... this is the first weekend, in what feels like forever, that I do not have a jammed pack schedule. Friday night I have declined an invitation to go out downtown with friends and instead plan on curling up on the couch with a movie and going to bed early. Saturday I am going kayaking, but then plan on just potting a few hanging plants for my patio and then vegging. Sunday is just a birthday backyard bbq, which should be relaxing and is later in the day, so I will have a nice relaxing Sunday. I am excited for some down time.

Also, it is officially 65 days until I need to fit into the bridesmaid dress I ordered for my brothers wedding. Spoiler Alert: It does not y'all. I shoved in the back of my closet, but it turns out, that does not help it to fit better. So I am officially on operation make the dress fit mission. I've created this handy dandy countdown- which will be on the side bar of my blog until the big day. No more flipping excuses!

And that sums up my week so far.