Frigid Friday

We are back to cold weather here in Texas, which makes me feel very meh. I loathe cold weather y'all. I have zero motivation to do anything when it is cold and get bitter when I look at all the spring shoes and clothes patiently waiting in my closet to be worn. It should be back up to 74 on Sunday and it can't get here soon enough.

I did my weigh-in yesterday, because I have been allowing a lot of little cheats here and there, and needed to know what the damage was. I am happy to report I did not gain, but also have not lost. My weight was the same as my previous weigh-in. Next week I'm kicking my nutrition up a notch, in an effort to see that scale move.

Yesterday I spent 10 minutes trying to login into Capital One's new 360 website. Then spent 15 minutes on the phone trying to figure out why I couldn't login (this has happened every month when I try to login, since they made me switch to the new system). Once on the phone with a real person, who I must admit I was not the nicest to, I cancelled my credit card with them and paid off the remaining small balance on my sister's car loan (I'm a cosigner), just so I wouldn't have to use the new pain in the butt site ever again. Yep, I'm that customer.

This week I've had fun mixing and matching all of the clothes I have recently bought. This outfit illustrates a funny little fact about my gym routine. I am pretty diligent about going on Monday (chest/back day) and Tuesdays (leg day). I don't always make it Wednesday's (arm and shoulder) class, but always go to Thursday's class (leg/ab day). If I am feeling really determined I go on Saturdays (mix of all). Well it turns out, missing arm and shoulder day on Wednesdays is not a good thing. The picture below picture is the first time I've thought to myself my thighs and legs are looking slimmer. My arms, well meh. I wish they would just shrink! It is time to make Wednesday's class more of a priority.

PS: I have been on an animal print and large jewelry kick of late. I snagged the leopard print sweater during a pre-sale at Macy's for $29 (regular price $89) and the necklace at Dillard's (regular price $79, clearance $17). Speaking of Macy's-- always ask if they are doing a pre-sale or have any unadvertised sales/coupons when checking out. This past week there was an unadvertised INC and Calvin Klein pre-sale. I got 30% off all my pieces (pre-sale discount), plus an additional 25% (unadvertised coupon). The only catch with a pre-sale is that they hold the clothes a couple days and you have to go back and pick up. I bought on Monday, picked up on Wednesday-- hardly a big deal.

And in a bit of a debbie downer news, T cancelled our date for tonight. He got a call from a friend this morning about needing help getting carpet and heaters set up in a tent for a sweet sixteen party happening tomorrow. No one expected the weather to be this cold and they are now trying to make sure everyone is comfortable tomorrow. Oh I was annoyed ya'll, but I can't really get upset about making sure a party gets done right. Especially for a sweet sixteen, which is a big deal. We are going to hang out on Sunday instead. I'm debating just staying in tonight and catching up on laundry and watching House of Cards, or going two stepping with some friends.

I'm sure other things happened this week, but its cold and my brain is not working at 100%. Have a good weekend!

The Next Step

I deactivated my online dating profiles this morning. I've been talking to T now for about three weeks and have decided that I would like to move forward with just dating him- and only him. We are by no means in a relationship, and I don't want to rush things, but we are at the stage where we are sharing more with one another and diving deeper into getting to know one another.

This decision happened after T came over for dinner last night. We made a list yesterday, while texting at work, of movies we want to see, and decided on Boyhood for last night. By the time I got home and showered, I was pretty tired from both work and boot camp. I kept dinner simple and just threw together some soup and paninis. When T arrived, I suggested we just eat on the sofa and start the movie. But he asked if we could sit at dining table instead, so we could share our days and enjoy the meal I made. Having a guy actually want to hear about my day, want to sit down at the table and talk food and just so simplistically nice. My long day washed away, I didn't feel as tired, and I wasn't in a rush to start the movie.

We had a really nice relaxed dinner, watched Boyhood, and then just talked for a couple hours afterwards; before he headed home. After he left, I knew that out of the three guys I've gone out with recently, he was the one I clicked best with.

That being said, I am going to have to have two slightly awkward conversations with the two other guys I have been talking to. We certainly are not at the level T and I have moved to, but I feel I owe it to them to be transparent about what is going on, and wish them luck. Heck, wish me luck they don't get all "bye felipe" on me after I share this news. If you don't know "bye felipe", look it up on Instagram. It will give you a good laugh.

In closing, I posted the below photo on Instagram last night. Since November, I have really made changes in my life to better my mind (grad school), my body (boot camp and eating healthy), and soul (exploring spirituality and being positive). It seems my life has more peace as a result. Good things seem to keep happening and I'm feeling really good about where my life is right now.

Have a good day y'all.

Weekend Recap

Last week, and even this weekend, I did not do stellar on working out or eating 100% great. But I was reminded to keep at this morning, because all of my XXL cardigans from Target are too big now. I tried to save one or two from my last donation go around, but they just looked too baggy when I tried them on with a shift dress today.

Two weeks ago, I picked up  two Cable and Gauge cardigans at Marshalls (size large y'all! Can I get a woot?!). The brand is also sold at Macys and the material is a much better quality than the Target brand cardigans. I'm biting the bullet today and ordering two more in red and gray; and paying full price. My old Target cardigans seemed to age quickly and pill easily. I read an article recently that said drying cleaning sweaters will help keep them looking new, and since my local dry cleaners is very affordable, I am going to do so moving forward.

This past weekend was filled up, yet I documented none of it with photos. Whomp whomp.

Friday I had off and made good use of my my PTO. I relaxed in the morning and am now completely caught up on the Walking Dead. I also ran errands and got all of my grocery shopping done and got caught up on laundry. Friday night I had another date with a guy I shall call T. I met T on an online dating site and we just instantly hit it off over email and text. This is the same guy I went out with on Valentines Day. He loves to cook, like I do, and so we cooked dinner together on Friday night and had a really nice time. The fact he helped me hang my new living mirror earned his massive bonus points. I'll take a photo tonight of the space and post on Instagram. T and I have plans to hang out again tomorrow night and I am looking forward to it.

Saturday morning I didn't do much except for lay on the couch and be lazy during the day. Then around four I got up and started prepping for my Thai foodie night. I'm really enjoying the monthly dinner parties I've been throwing the last couple of months. I made Thai spare ribs, shrimp and halibut red curry, and Thai tapioca with coconut milk and cayenne spiced mango. Truthfully it was not my favorite food night thus far. The ribs came out good, but I thought the curry recipe was missing something and I found the desert a little too sweet. Nevertheless my friends enjoyed it. Again, I took zero photos. I was pretty tired Saturday and photos were just not on mind.

Yesterday I got up early and enjoyed a leisurely day at home. I cleaned a little, meal prepped for the week, and did a couple loads of laundry (side note: I am constantly amazed at how much laundry me, party of one, produces). Breakfast this week is Cajun potatoes and hard boiled eggs; snacks are my predictable blackberries and strawberries; lunch is flank steak with mashed cauliflower and broccoli florets; and dinner is ground turkey with brown basmati rice and broccoli. This week is my weigh-in week and since I wasn't diligent last week I really need to be strict about eating healthy and also getting to boot camp every night this week.  I thought about giving myself a pass on the weigh-in this week and then nixed the idea. I need to hold myself accountable with my bi-weekly scale checks. So I will be pushing myself this week to make up for last.

I rounded out last night by going over to a friends for his oscar party. He made a really yummy curry and we had fun watching the awards and talking about the outfits and winners. I'm not usually a big award person, but it was fun to watch. And Lady Gaga blew me away with her renditions from the Sound of Music, which happens to be one of my favorite movies.

Today I am catching up on work emails from last week, planning on a butt kicking boot camp tonight, and then plan on vegging on the couch tonight with last night's Downton Abbey and Walking Dead.

Have a good one y'all.